The battery

The battery

Riding an e-bike increases your freedom. Thanks to the electric support, you will ride further, but also more often compared to a non-electric bike. An important component which helps in delivering support is the battery. The battery gives the energy which helps you move forward. A good battery is therefore very important to have enjoyable bike rides.

qualitatively good batteries are very important to us. Batteries are available in different capacities. Normally our e-bikes contain a 13Ah battery. The range of this battery is between 40 and 130km, riding your bike in average modus, 75km should be possible.

Distance is based on various factors. Support level, wind, temperature, constant or changing speed, tire pressure, flat or hilly grounds, but also the age of the battery, all these factors may have influence on the bike's range. The range will decrease over years, how much, depends on how you use your bike. To keep the battery powerful as long as possible, it is important to never store your battery when it is empty. Charge your battery frequently so it is charged most of the time.

VanDijck gives you the opportunity to choose from three different batteries. These batteries have capacities of 13Ah (468Wh), 15,6Ah (562Wh) or 18,9Ah (680Wh). The best way to compare batteries is on it's capacity. The value of this will is always right, due to the fact that it's a technical given. The amount of kilometres you can ride depends highly on various factors. The table below is therefore just a guideline.

Estimated range  13.0 Ah (468Wh)  15,6 Ah (562Wh)  18,9 Ah (680Wh)
Lowest level (eco) 130 km  155 km 190 km
Average level (normal) 75 km  90 km 110 km
Highest level (boost) 30 km  40 km 50 km