Gears are an important part on an e-bike. To personalize your driving experience, you need to be able to change between different gears, even next to the level of support you can choose. VanDijck e-bikes can will be provided with different gear systems, under which:

  • Deore 10s
  • Shimano Nexus 7/8
  • Nuvinci 330/380
  • NuVinci Harmony

VanDijck e-bikes are deliverable with two types of gears, hub gears and derailleur gears. Hub gears are easier to maintain. Also, with hub gears, it is possible to shift gears when standing still, that's not possible with derailleur gears. An advantage of a derailleur gears is it's weight, it is lighter then hub gears.

Derailleur gears: Deore10s

VanDijck bikes make use of two types of derailleurs. The Shimano Deore and Shimano Deore LX. Both high quality derailleurs. The Deore LX is a bit more solid constructed then the regular Deore.

Hub gear: Shimano Nexus 7/8

When talking about hub gears, typer Nexus form Shimano, is the best known. This type of hub is by far the most used hub in all kind of bikes. VanDijck e-bikes have either a Nexus 7 or Nexus 8 hub. As the names may suggest, they have 7 or 8 gears. The range of a nexus 7 hub is 244%, while Nexus 8 has even more, 307%. Next to the extra gear and the higher range, the Nexus 8 hub is higher in efficiency, which means, less energy is spilled within the hub. .

Hub gear: NuVinci 330-380, or NuVinci Harmony

NuVinci produces hub gears since 2007. During this, relatively, short period of time, they presented some innovative products for the bike industry. NuVinci don't have a number of gears, they are infinitey adjustable. Every step is possible between the maximum and minimum value. It is just as easy to control as any other shifter, just turn the shifter. You can also shift gears when pedaling, that is a big advantage. If you have a Shimano hub, you need to stop pedaling to shift gears. VanDijck bikes are available with three different NuVinci hubs. The N330, N380 and Harmony. The N330 has a range of 330% and is therefore more versatile than a Nexus 8 hub. the N380 has, according toe its name. a range of 380%. The NuVinci Harmony can be used as normal hub, but also gives the possibilty to shift gears automatically. You can set the desired pedaling speed and the smart hub makes sure, regardless the speed, the pedaling speed stays the same.